What makes your drinks different from soda or flavored sparkling water or mocktails?
A cocktail is generally made with a base spirit, a modifier (often another spirit), and a mixer. Most mocktails hit just one of these "notes," and it's usually the sweet juice/mixer component. We use an actual copper still and a method of "reverse bootlegging" to craft our booze-free spirits. Our recipes are properly balanced cocktails including a strong spirit-free base,  modifiers containing our proprietary botanical blends, and organic Northwest ingredients: Douglas fir tips, Saskatoon berries, and Oregon hops.
So how long have you two been married, anyway?
We got hitched in 1991.
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Are your drinks gluten free?
Do you use dandelions in your recipes?
Yes, roasted organic dandelion root is in the base "spirit" of every drink. Dandelion has beneficial health properties, and we love its cheerful, sturdy ubiquity in the landscape.
Are your non-alcoholic cocktails safe for pregnant people?
We purposefully designed recipes that are inclusive, striving to satisfy people who are pregnant, and those who have diabetes and/or allergies, and we use ingredients deemed by the FDA to be Generally Recognized As Safe. That said, every body is different, and we encourage you to consult the appropriate care provider if you have concerns.
Can I put booze in your drinks?
We formulated the flavors to be complex and satisfying without alcohol, but you do you. We're not gonna judge. And if you create an incredible concoction, let us know about it!
How many times do you try a recipe before you get it right?
Quite a few! See the box for the latest tally on our flavor trials.

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Our Recipes

Celebratory, inclusive, natural, and complex drinks.

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