We started making organic booze-free cocktails in our farmhouse kitchen. The business partnership is inspired by our long and happy marriage, our love of convivial celebration & community, and a desire for complex and delicious drinks. The Pacific Northwest provides ingredients (foraged and farmed) and inspiration.

What makes your drinks different from soda or flavored sparkling water or mocktails?
A cocktail is generally made with a base spirit, a modifier (often another spirit), and a mixer. Most mocktails hit just one of these "notes," and it's usually the sweet juice/mixer component. Our recipes are properly balanced cocktails including a strong spirit-free base, modifiers containing our proprietary botanical blends, and organic Northwest ingredients like Douglas fir tips, Saskatoon berries, and Oregon hops.

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Celebratory, inclusive, natural, and complex drinks.

Pour over ice. Serve with style and intention.


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